Breastfeeding: 06 Ways To Manage Low Milk Supply

Every breastfeeding mother asks the same question to herself – Is my baby getting enough milk? Well, as much as healthy breast milk or breastfeeding is for babies, the biggest disadvantage is not knowing how much the baby is drinking and if the baby is getting sufficient nutrition or not. There are certain ways to find if you are suffering from low milk supply. Look for signs and symptoms in your baby, like dehydration, decrease in weight, cluster feeding, agitation, and so on.

Thankfully, you can increase your milk supply by doing the things mentioned in this blog. Here are 06 ways to manage low milk supply.

Avoid stress

Stress is the biggest culprit responsible for a significant decrease in milk supply. If you are constantly stressed out due to personal, professional, or financial reasons then your milk supply will become infrequent. It is understandable that you are stressed due to low milk supply but know that stressing will make everything worse. Relax yourself in whatever way you feel appropriate. You can listen to music, read books, talk to your trusted people, and do other things to bust stress.

Feed from both breasts

Feeding only from one breast is surely not a cool thing to do. You have to feed from both breasts equally so that your baby is well-fed and your breasts are even and your milk supply double the amount than now.

Eat healthy meals

You can’t expect an increase in your milk supply if you don’t consume healthy meals. Eat lots of fruits, sprouts, leafy greens, eggs, chicken, soybeans, milk, cheese, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and so on. The better is your nutrition, the better is your milk supply. 

Drink lots of healthy fluids

You are mistaken if you think that drinking fluids is not necessary anymore. Drink a good amount of healthy fluids to sustain your body so that you are able to breastfeed your little one properly. In healthy fluids, you can drink milk, lactation smoothies, bone broth, and so on.

Nurse frequently

The more frequently you feed your baby, the better your milk supply becomes. Breastfeed at least 5-6 times a day and on demand. This ensures a sudden increase in milk supply. 

Pump often

If you haven’t considered pumping, consider it now. Using a breast pump is proven to stimulate milk supply. Try pumping as often as you can.

Consider seeking professional help if your milk supply doesn’t improve. 

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